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Lola's Cafe REAL WEDDING is on The Knot!

Posted by Annalise Puckette on Wed, Jan 29, 2014 @ 02:29 PM

Real Wedding Lola's You never know what type of day you will get in August. For Marilyn and Mark, they landed one of the best days they could have asked for. Check out the link below to see a REAL WEDDING Lola's catered in Rhinebeck, NY.

Real Wedding on

Photo by Hudson River Photographer 

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Posted by Annalise Puckette on Wed, Jan 15, 2014 @ 12:55 PM

Throughout the year, Lola's Cafe and Crave Restaurant & Lounge work hard to give great quality food and service. We wanted to share some of our favorite moments with our fans. Enjoy the recap and behind the scenes moments of 2013!!

This video is a recap of 2013:

We hope you enjoyed our 2013 moments. We wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!! 


Love Always, 

Lola's Cafe 

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Four reasons Lola's Cafe is Thankful

Posted by Annalise Puckette on Tue, Nov 26, 2013 @ 01:22 PM


the expression of graditude. 


Thanksgiving has always been a favorite holiday for Lola's Cafe. It's not about religion or gift giving. It's about dedicating time to family and loved ones. It's about being thankful for everyone in our lives.  And of course, it's about food.

Lola's Cafe has so much to be thankful for and we want to take time to share the reasons we are so grateful. 

  • First of all we are thankful for all our clients, past, present, future, regulars, party throwers, brides, grooms, one-timers, cocktailers, dinner-goers… ALL OF YOU! We are so thankful each time you think of using Lola's Cafe to cater your event. 

  • We want to thank the city of Poughkeepsie and the community. We thank you for the support you have always given us. We are grateful to be next to the Walkway Bridge which brings us new business every day. 

  • To our partners – our venues, event planners, suppliers and everyone else who makes our business run so smoothly – thank you for all you do each day to help us have success everyday. 

  • And last, but not least, we are thankful for our staff. Without them we wouldn’t have the creative minds, beautiful events, and delicious menus. Each of them makes Lola's Cafe, an amazing team. We want to thank you all for making 'work' not seem like work at all, but making it feel like home. 

Check out what our staff has been cooking to prepare for the holidays: 

Lola's Thanksgiving

Food brings families together, so get together with your family and be thankful for each other and eat until you can't eat anymore! 

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!



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Lola's Cafe caters Thanksgiving Dinner!

Posted by Annalise Puckette on Fri, Nov 08, 2013 @ 05:12 PM

Hi all, 

It's the Holiday!!! It's time to spend time with family and friends! Let Lola's Cafe help you relax and enjoy your Holiday! We have put together a list of food we are preparing for Thanksgiving. Click the link below to download our order form! 


Thanksgiving Order Form


Also, check out owner, Chef Ed Kowalski at Millbrook Winery cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for a few friends! (Skip to 25:25 to see the segment on Ed Kowalski)




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Lola's Cafe owner Chef Ed Kowalski earns Business Excellence Award

Posted by Annalise Puckette on Tue, Oct 01, 2013 @ 04:52 PM

Check out the article written in the Poughkeepsie Journal about Lola's Cafe & Crave Restaurant owner, Edward Kowalski! 

Link to Poughkeepsie Journal Article

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Lola's Cafe Off-premise Venue: The Hudson Valley

Posted by Annalise Puckette on Fri, Sep 06, 2013 @ 02:32 PM

Where in the Hudson Valley is Lola's Catering???

The answer is: EVERYWHERE!

Lola's Cafe and Catering has been CRAZY busy this summer with weddings and events all over the Hudson Valley. They have traveled from Marlboro to Millbrook, from Cold Spring to Hudson to Germantown (let me catch my breath...) to High Falls to New Paltz to Rhinebeck to Newburgh... And each time back to their hometown: Poughkeepsie. They have been everywhere this summer and they still aren't even close to being finished with their season!!

With all the different venues we have been to this year, comes different styles of service and food at each wedding. Lola's likes to think they are a 'boutique' style catering company. That being said, they understand no two weddings are the same. They offer highly specialized menu design created by the chef and, of course, the clients. There are so many different ideas for your wedding, and Lola's Cafe strives to give you excatly what you envision on your wedding day. No matter if you are looking for a 30 person 6-course plated meal or a 230 buffet style menu, we want to give you the wedding that you dream of. Check out some of the photos from this summer! Tell us what you think! 


Contact us today if you are interested in a menu consultation with our chef! 


Request a Menu   Consultation

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Lola's Cafe catered High School Sweethearts Wedding

Posted by Annalise Puckette on Thu, Jul 18, 2013 @ 02:26 PM

Table Set'I fall in love with people’s passion. The way their eyes light up when they talk about the thing they love and the way they fill with light.'

Kendra and David’s relationship started out at New Paltz High School and has evolved into a beautiful love story they have joined together by marriage.  Lola’s Café was a part of that special day and we were so happy they asked us to cater their wedding.

Both are teachers who work in the Boston area, but chose to get married in their hometown… well close to their hometown. The two married at Shadow Lawn in High Falls, NY (about 20 minutes from New Paltz). Guests were welcomed in the shade with light refreshments by our staff. Kendra had a white frame with mini colorful hearts for the guests to sign to say they were a witness to the marriage. Guests were then seated for the ceremony was to begin shortly.Hearts

This ceremony was the first I have ever done to have the bride walking down the aisle 1 minute early. Kendra and David were definitely ready to TIE THE KNOT! They said ‘I do’s’ and the night proceeded with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. A signature drink with St. Germaine, Gin and Lemonade was a favorite of the evening. Some hors d'oeuvres favorites were: 

  • truffle mac and cheese cones
  • watermelon gazpacho served in shooter glasses
  • shrimp & snap pea skewers with margarita shooters

Hiding BrideGuests enjoyed the relaxing day with Corn hole and Bocce ball while Kendra and David made their rounds to greet all of their guests.

Guests were walked across the street to the Red Barn where the rest of the activities were going to take place. They found their seat, listened to toasts, and the couple danced together for the first time as husband and wife. Guests were ‘awed’ by their love.

Dinner was not an ordinary dinner, as Kendra and David, were looking for a fun, relaxing evening. They did a stationed meal where guests can eat what they like when they wanted to. They choose to do three stations:

  • Hudson Valley Farm to Table
  • Slider Station
  • Entrée Station

The Slider station had Kobe beef burgers, house made black bean and sweet corn burgers, and Maryland style crab ‘burger’. This station also had a variety of condiments including Kim chi, chipotle mayonnaise, smoked ketchup and more!Menu Display

Kendra and David finished the night with coffee and dessert station. Desserts were cookies and candies supplied by them, and cupcakes supplied by Moxie Cupcake from New Paltz, NY.

Photo BoothThe two had so many different ways of making their wedding something special. For starters, they had one of the best DJs in the Hudson Valley, Jimmy Lutz with Lutz Entertainment. He kept the guests dancing all night! They also had guests sign a dictionary as their guest book! The had their guests take colorful tabs to mark the page and sign. Some guests signed numerous times all over and wrote little notes. Both being teachers this is something fun they will have on their shelves forever. Another cool thing that did was with Instagram. They made a sign to #ShadowLamb any pictures they put up this way they could take a look at them later! You can do the same with Twitter or Facebook!  They also had photo booth with vintage furniture and funky propsThey also had smores and a campfire so they can take in the day’s events.

Kendra and David were high school sweethearts and their love will continue to grow as years pass. We wish you the best of luck with your life, and thank you for letting Lola’s Café be there for your special day! 

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Rustic Barn Wedding catered by Lola's Cafe and Catering

Posted by Annalise Puckette on Thu, Jun 27, 2013 @ 03:53 PM

Rachel June 22 was said to be the longest day of the year for 2013… Well for the longest day of the year, Lola’s Café and Catering certainly flew through it quickly! There is nothing better than spending the day with our Lola’s family at a barn out in Hudson, NY for Rachel and Chris’s wedding day.

Last weekend we catered a wedding at a venue called Oak Hill; one of the last remaining mansions still owned by the Livingston family.

The day started with a pre-ceremony beverage station - Large glass bell jars filled with Rosemary Lemonade and Arnold Palmers. There was also Lemon-mint water and a special jug filled with Spiked Rosemary Lemonade. The welcome beverages were served in small jam jars and Lola’s prepared a bruschetta with minted fava bean puree with shaved ricotta salata before the ceremony for guests to enjoy. This held them over and kept them hydrated for the ceremony until the cocktail hour started.Ceremony

During cocktail, Lola’s prepared a stationary table with charcuterie, pickled vegetables, local cheeses, deviled eggs, hummus, Baba Ganouj, and Mahammara Zahatar flatbreads. Lola’s also passed some hors d’oeuvres.  Below are just a few we did for Rachel and Chris:

  • mini hamburgers and rosemary and pecorino dusted pomme frittes
  • pressed grilled cheese and with short ribs and cheddar cheese
  • traditional potato latkes with Hudson Valley apple sauce 

StationaryGuests were welcomed inside for the reception. The bride and groom announced in for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. Chris Follari. There were a few toasts with Hard Apple Cider and dinner stations were opened.

The menu was not any ordinary menu, as Chris (the groom) is use to being in the kitchen, so we wanted to make sure that he had everything he wanted on his wedding day in terms of food.  We prepared three stations: Pasta Station, Carving Station and Hudson Valley Station.

The pasta station had agnolotti with braised veal parcels, and garganelli pasta with Maryland lump crab. The chefs carved to order at the carving station. They carved NY Strip Steak and Porchetta. There was mint gremolata, pickled cherry-chili relish and salsa verde. They also had rotisserie chicken at this station. The last station was filled with Hudson Valley local products. The chefs grilled summer squash and asparagus. They made a French beans and snow peas salad with hazelnut and oranges, and roasted beets with pistachio vinaigrette and blue cheese (these are to just name a few…)

Summer SquashCarving StationRotisserie

The guests danced all night to DJ Enriquez Entertainment. While guests were dancing Lola’s set up a few more station to end the night with. They had a milk and cookies station with cookies provided by Café Le Perche, a Candy Station provided by Rachel (the bride), and a Dessert Station with cupcakes and desserts provided by JJ’s Rockin Cupcakes. The couple also brought in macaroons from The Culinary Institute of America. Guests loved these stations. They enjoyed that there was a little bit of everything and they can pick and choose what they like.

Candy Station



The day was beautiful and guests seemed to really enjoy everything from the signature drinks, to the dessert stations, the dinner food, to the barn décor. This truly had rustic wedding written all over it.

Lola’s Café congratulates Rachel and Chris on their wedding!

Rachel and Chris

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Wedding Catering by Lola's Cafe in the Village of Saugerties!

Posted by Annalise Puckette on Thu, Jun 20, 2013 @ 01:42 PM

Lola’s Café specializes in custom menu design for our clients. 

Table Setting

We are a more boutique style catering company and we feel that it’s important every couple get exactly what they want on their wedding day.

A few months ago, Lola’s Café received a call from a couple that asked for a fully vegetarian menu; they did not want any meat or fish. This was our first fully vegetarian menu and we were so happy Burgess and Tiffany asked us to cater their wedding. We incorporated so many different flavors and proteins in the dishes, if you weren’t vegetarian you wanted to be after you ate dinner catered by Lola’s Café!


We traveled to Saugerties, NY to their godparents’ house. The house sat back in the distance with a view of the Hudson River. Guests were welcomed at the road with a Raspberry-Basil Lemonade and Fresh Water with lemon. Everyone enjoyed fresh local beer and wine while they waited for the ceremony to start.


When they were ready, the guests were seated on farm benches facing the view to watch Burgess and Tiffany join together in marriage. The ceremony finished and guests started the cocktail hour off with cheers to Burgess and Tiffany. Cocktail hour included a Hudson Valley Stationary table with imported cheeses, crackers, black bean dip, crudité, hummus, and spiced pita chips. Lola’s also passed hors d’oeuvres such as mini chickpea-quinoa burgers, eggplant crisps with mozzarella, pesto mayo, and basil, and watermelon cubes with feta cheese and mint. Guests enjoyed drinks and catching up while they waited for the party to start under the Sail Cloth Tent provided by Events Unlimited Tent and Party Rentals.



Guests moved from the cocktail hour to the party tent while service staff passed a glass of champagne for toasts to everyone. The girls had their introductions, their first dance (which they choreographed a dance for... AWESOME!), and the family toasted with champagne.

Dancing was the theme for the evening. DJ, Michael Wilcock had them dancing all night! The only time they seemed to slow down was for dinner. For dinner, some of the menu items they were served:

  • Lemon-ricotta gnudi with pine nuts and chive butter,
  • Orecchiette pasta tossed with baby spinach tomato, reggiano and fresh basil and tomato
  • Nectarine salad with pickled red onions, cilantro and herbs. 
The chef created this vegetarian menu with fresh, local products from the Hudson Valley. 



 The night ended with a cake cutting with the cake made by Burgess’s sister. Her sister made a vanilla cake with a buttercream frosting and decorated with beautiful flowers. (We tried a piece... it was delicious! Best part is she bakes just for fun!)

Cake Cutting 

One of our favorite moments of the night was when they took a group shot with the whole family. They all gathered with the Hudson River View in the background and smiled for Burgess and Tiffany were finally married after seven years together. It was a pleasure working with them to create the wedding they dreamed of!

FAMILY Picture




Tiffany and Burgess! 

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Rehearsal Dinner Menu Ideas from Lola's Cafe and Catering

Posted by Annalise Puckette on Thu, Apr 11, 2013 @ 05:49 PM

Rehearsal dinners showcase how fun and special the eve of the wedding can truly be.  Even though each one may have a different theme, budget, decor element, they all have a common thread: family and close friends enjoying the evening.Eat, Drink, Be Married

A rehearsal dinner is a pre-wedding ceremony, typically held immediately after the ceremony rehearsal. The guests are usually the bride, the groom, the bridal party, and close friends (particularly those who will play a part in the wedding ceremony). The Rehearsal Dinner provides the bride and groom a chance to say thank you to those who participated in the wedding preparations and give everyone a chance to meet before the wedding day.

There are many different ways to plan your Rehearsal Dinner. The most important ideas to consider are as follows

          • Keep it casual and simple
          • Make it personal
          • Focus on Love

Lola’s Café has come up with some menu ideas for your rehearsal dinner:


Light Appetizers

You just finished your rehearsal for the ceremony and it is 5:00. You don’t want a heavy meal, but you want to give your guests some type of meal. You want to keep it casual with a lot of conversations. Maybe a light appetizer menu is perfect for you. We can do a variety of 8-10 passed hors d’oeuvres for an hour and a half, and a stationary table. The stationary table would be a bunch of different cheeses, pita chips, hummus, black bean dips, crudité and fresh fruit. Hors d’oeouvres would be stuff like mini crab cakes, shrimp and margarita shooters, arrancini, etc. For dessert, fresh fruit, mini pastries, coffee and herbal teas. Keep it light and simple. 


Family Style

Rehearsal dinners are about families conversing, catching up and in some cases meeting for the first time. Maybe you want to keep everyone at the table and serve dinner like you would Thanksgiving Day…where all the food is on the table and you pass the dishes around on antique style platters.

Sample menu is as follows:

Mixed green salad with heirloom cherry tomatoes, English cucumbers, shaved baby carrots, edible orchids and raspberry vinaigrette

Roasted root vegetables tossed in olive oil and rosemary

Buccatini pasta tossed in spring basil pesto, ratatouille vegetables

Pan seared chicken breast with kalamata olives, sundried tomatoes, pearl onions, and feta cheese


Theme your Menu Flavors

Maybe the first place you met was at a backyard BBQ and you are thinking you want your rehearsal dinner to reflect this. We can do corn on the Cobb, country fried steak, and black bean salad. Or maybe you fell in love in Ireland and you want to have lamb stew, or Irish whiskey bar. Or maybe your fiancé is Indian and you want to incorporate Indian flavors like masala into your dishes. Whatever you decide make it your own. Get your guests into the wedding mode. Make it fun by creating a story behind it. 

Most importantly, everyone should turn in early. Everyone should get a good night sleep before the BIG DAY! 

Lola's Cafe wanted to share a few menu ideas for your rehearsal dinner. We provide a customized menu for every event that we do. We cook locally and fresh. Call us today at 845-471-8555 if you would like to discuss ideas for your Rehearsal Dinner! 

Request a Menu   Consultation


Photos by Uplift Photography


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