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The fearless leader of Lola's Cafe and Catering. Not your typical chef/owner of 3 business you see on TV or hear about in the news. Despite years of acid reflux, he still has the patience to teach and inspire our crew everyday. He works the lunch rush at Lola's Cafe, dinner service at Crave during the night, and caters with us on the weekends. Still managing to make time for his beautiful wife, 3 kids, 3 dogs and cat. No one cares for their family, staff, or work more than him, and that is apparent when you walk into the cafe or have Lola's cater your event.


Like Madonna and Cher, he just has one name. He used to be a superstar DJ for WRRV and had the afternoon show. We liked listening to him so much we stole him from his radio fame to turn him into a culinary rockstar. Gilmore is the only surviving member of the opening staff at Lola's Cafe primarily because he works harder than most AND he's Eddie's brother in law. Gilmore is the type that if he tastes something he likes, not only will he will recreate it, he will make it better than yours.

Annalise Puckette

She is our own personal organizational calendar. She is our Beyonce. She is the one female on our team that keeps all of the kitchen crew "on check" and being the control freak that she is....she is involved in all aspects of the company. Her primary job function is the catering manager for Lola's catering division. She sets up all of our wedding consultations, organizes all of the off premise rentals, coordinates all weddings and catering events, she is in charge of all staffing and seriously has the best hair out of us all. She normally is the first person who you will meet when you inquire about Lola's Catering and thats how we like it. She cares about everyone and everything she is involved in. Her warm disposition is a key part to our success and we fully expect to see her starring on one of those Snickers Divas commercials.

Brandon Brooks (aka Donny)

The picture says it all. This guy is still chasing bubbles at random times throughout the day and the problem is ......nobody sees the bubbles but him. Brandon was one of our first customers at Lola's over 10 years ago. He begged us for a job so many times, we finally caved. He is a hard worker who has the ability to work in many areas in our restaurant - front of the house, back of the house, bartending, and cleaning lady (he is an obsessive cleaner). He has an arm sleeve, loves to wear beanies even in the summer, and is financially irresponsible. If it is after 1 AM and you are out on the town, you may run into his alter ego... DONNY. If that happens just tell him to buy you a drink... remember he is financially irresponsible so he probably will!

Curtis "Danger" Curtis

Might be the most polite dude you will ever meet in a professional kitchen, but deep down inside he MUST repress his anger because we feel nobody can be that polite. He can grow a great beard, creates all our kitchen playlists, rocks the salad station, is an integral part of our catering crew, and did we mention he's a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. Oh yeah, and he drives a sweet ass Jeep 4x4.

Favorite Super Hero: Batman

Most Influential Chef: Ed Kowalski

Favorite Boss: Ed Kowalski

Also, voted the person most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Killer Kowalski (aka Bob)

Bob is Eddie's dad and the front of the house manager. He brought all of his 40 years of management skills from IBM to us at Lola's, and is also known as the Director of Human Resource. Bob is the keeper of peace, the calm before the storm, and spiritual leader. He has suffered a few injuries here at Lola's that has required some minor surgeries, but he's a tough guy, and hasn't missed much time since he started. He likes afternoon naps, bowling, scratch offs, and occasionally threatens to "ground us" when we misbehave.


Like Prince, he goes by just one name (hopefully he doesn't go out like him).  Crane is also a CIA alumni we acquired from a local work release program (JK). Growing up in Vermont and Colorado, Crane liked to walk alone in the woods bonding with the surrounding nature.  While there, he learned to forage for his own food, live off the land, and grow a sweet ass beard.  He is a real man's man (really he's our token redneck but we wanted to be nice on our website).

Matthew Ciago

Bonnie (aka Betty Boop)

Bonnie is everything to us. She is our mom, our sister, and the one person who can keep Bob's temper in check. She is probably the toughest employee we have, but also the one who greets everyone with a warm, "Hello," and smile. She is quick witted, has a great sense of humor, and sports some weird accent from Pennsylvania (we think).