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Photo of Annalise Puckette

Annalise Puckette


She is our own personal organizational calendar. She is our Beyonce. She is the one female on our team that keeps all of the kitchen crew "on check" and being the control freak that she is....she is involved in all aspects of the company. Her primary job function is the catering manager for Lola's catering division. She sets up all of our wedding consultations, organizes all of the off premise rentals, coordinates all weddings and catering events, she is in charge of all staffing and seriously has the best hair out of us all. She normally is the first person who you will meet when you inquire about Lola's Catering and thats how we like it. She cares about everyone and everything she is involved in. Her warm disposition is a key part to our success and we fully expect to see her starring on one of those Snickers Divas commercials.